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Evoking Your Purpose

It is important for all of us realize that we have an infinite source of power from which we can do what it is we want to do. Too often we don’t leverage our power sources or we give our power away for a variety of reasons. We are here today to remind ourselves of this unwavering, constant and reliable source of power that we all possess and that grounds us every day. We will provide you with practical ways to stay connected to your own power, to remain authentic and to be energized and inspired in your efforts.

In your work, no matter your role or your industry you are often faced with what seems to be the impossible; you are expected to make tough decisions with limited information and resources. We all strive to make the right choices for our customers, company and our teams. How do you achieve well being personally and professionally? Have passion for your work? Be a courageous and inspiring leader? Be a creative and an effective problem solver achieving optimal results for your customers, company, team and yes yourself?

Kim Evans , is a proven executive in the technology area with over 25 years experience. She will share insights and strategies on how to achieve a power shift enabling you to execute on your intentions. She will provide you with strategies you can start using today. The result will be that you will feel empowered, realizing and tapping into your own innate power and fully utilize all your power sources available to you already and excelling in all areas of your life.

About PowerShift


PowerShift® is a leadership series that enables you to achieve well being from the inside out.  We have an infinite source of power within that we can tap to achieve our goals and desires. Too often we don’t leverage our power source or we give our power away. PowerShift serves to remind us of this grounding, unwavering, constant and reliable source of power that we each possess .It provides you with practical ways to get and stay connected to your own power, to remain authentic, and to be energized and inspired in your efforts.


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Founder Tracy Rummel also started the Soup Speaker series, so if you are interested in joining as a speaker, contact her at:



Tracy Rummel
President, The Brandsoup Agency |  Executive Advisor

Tracy Rummel is founder of The Brandsoup Agency and advises entrepreneurs and business executives on marketing and communication strategy, finding creative solutions and driving big results.  A Texas native and 20+ year marketing and technology veteran, Rummel has supported a number of business and technology leadership initiatives such as HATCH Pitch which began over two years ago at SXSW, TechStreet Houston, Women in Technology, Inc. (WITI), Association for Women in Computing (AWC) and mentor for SXSW V2V in Las Vegas.   Her blog, The Soup, covers topics on marketing and technology.

Previous roles include Director Channel Marketing for Hubwoo responsible for its strategic partnership with Microsoft, Senior Marketing lead for Microsoft where she was recognized for multiple best practices worldwide, and a variety of marketing roles for Nokia, Dr Pepper, Sprint, HP and Siemens.

Kim Evans
Co-founder & CEO, Centauri Health Corp | Healthcare Advocate

Kim Evans is an inside out genius developer for people, teams and companies commercializing innovative ideas that raise the economic energy of their communities. Chairing #TechStreet Houston, an organization that cultivates smart citizens, businesses and communities is one of my other passions. TechStreet Houston is a platform to learn, share and showcase thought-leadership and innovation supporting economic expansion. Prior experience includes, President of Blue Lance, CEO of Secure Vantage Technologies, co-founder of Covasoft and an alumni of big exceptional companies like Microsoft and BMC, Inc. where I developed the ability to lead, follow and engage my genius to achieve great things.

Specialties: – Creating engaged companies, teams and customers
– Commercializing innovative ideas
– Business performance management
– Purpose driven economic growth and expansion strategies
– Mergers, acquisitions and integration


"There is only one journey; going inside yourself"

Rainer Maria Rilke

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