The event that combines machine learning talks with socialzing beyond the standard meetup format

Do you miss meeting people face to face? After covid, it's very important to socialize with people like yourself: other movers and shakers (VIPs) in machine learning in Berlin. Tech Meetups go a long way but the time allocated for socializing is limited to the intersticials between talks. We wanted to do something better: an event that is invite-only for people late in their ML career (VIPs) to socialize with each other. So that you grow your network by spending minutes, not seconds, talking to others like you.

The Format

Presentations from DSR demo day batch 31 ( presentations from previous batches). A panel discussion, and then group with 3-4 VIPs discussing topics with each panelist around a flipchart. The ideal size so you get to know your fellow VIPs!

Project Presentations

We have 4 projects this batch:

1. WildFire prediction

The estimated cost of wildfires around the world, including human life and ecological damage, is in the trillions. This project presents a model which can estimate wildfire danger based on certain climatological factors like wind, heat etc using data from Spain's government.

2. Calorie Tracking from food pictures

Have you used calorie tracking apps but are tired of scanning barcodes or typing food names by hand? Those who count calories have 50% better chances of achieving their goals. This project uses image recognition on an photo of the food the individual is eating, identify it and count the calories in it - allowing one to track his or her calorie consumption during the day.

3. Simulating Eyetracking data with AI for marketing

Project aims to a create a model that given a picture it will predict where someone is going to look.

For many applications in graphics, design, and human computer interaction, it is essential to understand where humans look in a scene.

4. T-shirt-Mesh generation from selfies to try on designs that don't exist

Have you ever wanted to see how you would look like with a design on a T-shirt that doesn't exist? Do you want to try on shirts from stores without visiting the store? This model will take a blank T-shirt (a selfie) as input and produce a new photo with the design on the right place.

Panel Discussion

In an unconference format, each panelist will pick a topic, and the panel will cover it (30 min, which is streamed over Youtube).

After the panel discussion, each panelist forms an interest group with 4-6 VIPs in an informal setup that favors socializing

Root Topic:

"Common Misconceptions in Data Science"

Principal Data Scientist at FlixBus

Leading Data Science at Klarna

CTO , Borg Collective GmbH

2 Senior Representatives


The VIP attendance

If you are a senior data scientist or manager (VIP), you will socialize with people at your same level, working for companies you know. VIPs are invite-only and they can talk to any panelist in small groups of 3-5 VIPs around a flipchart. This is our promise: you will leave the event knowing everyone in your group on a first name basis and with an active connection that you can meet again.

The General attendance

These are usually people interested in becoming a data scientist OR hiring data scientists. They can attend the panel and flipchart discussions as spectator, and they sit a bit further away from the action and can ask questions during question time. Tickets are open for them, no need to be invited like VIPs

Date: 20 September, 2022

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Venue: Flixbus DACH GmbH
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 33
10178 Berlin
For further information:
call: +4915785063115